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English Hotbreads
Rich in Tradition & History
From its early roots in 1966 as a family run bakery, English Hotbreads has grown to be today´s market leader in the nation, catering food service business to the hospitality industry. English Hotbreads was the first to introduce the concept of on-site baking which ensured the freshness of delicious pastries & breads, making them more affordable and convenient to everyone.
Research and Development
In house research & development facilities has enabled English Hotbreads to produce wide varieties customised to the needs of customers.
Who are We?
Your One Stop Solution
Manufacturer of Savouries, Sweets, Sauces, Fillings, Pastries, Dough, Cakes etc.
We cater to Customised Culinary Requests
Excellent Logistics
Able to Coordinate & Schedule delivery of all orders fresh + prompt